CARE – Projects in India

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  • CARE – Co-operative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere – is a non profit organisation which aims to provide emergency aid and long term developmental assistance in different parts of the world
  • It was formed North America in 1945 after the II World War
  • CARE started its services in India in the year 1950
  • Initially it focussed on providing food to children in the 6-11 year age group
  • By 1980, it shifted its attention to providing food in the ICDS (Intergrated Child Development Services)
  • The other projects which it is involved in are:
    • Intergrated Nutrition and Health Project
    • Better Health and Nutrition Project
    • Improving Women’s Health Project
    • Improved Healthcare for Adolescent Girls Project
    • Child Survival Project
    • Women’s Reproductive Health and Family Spacing Project
    • Konkan Intergrated Development Project
  • CARE works with the central and state governments and various Non Governmental Organisations to provide these services

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