National Nutrition Policy,1993 – Direct Interventions and Indirect Policy Instruments

  • National Nutrition Policy (India) was introduced in 1993 to combat the problem of undernutrition
  • It aims to address this problem by utilising direct (short term) and indirect (long term) interventions

Direct interventions – short term:

  • Ensuring proper nutrition of target groups
    • Expanding the safety net for children – proper implementation of universal immunization, oral rehydration and ICDS services
    • Growth monitoring in 0-3 year age group
    • Nutrition of adolescent girls to enable them to attain safe motherhood
    • Nutrition of pregnant women to decrease incidence of low birth weight
  • Food fortification
  • Provision of low cost nutritious food
  • Combating micro nutrient deficiency in vulnerable group

Indirect policy interventions – long term:

  • Food security – ensuring production of 215kg of food grains per person per year
  • Improving dietary pattern
  • Improving purchasing power of rural and urban poor by public food distribution system
  • Nutrition education
  • Land reforms
  • Prevention of food adulteration
  • Nutritional surveillance
  • Health and Family welfare
  • Research
  • Minimum wage administration
  • Communication
  • Community participation
  • Equal renumeration for women
  • Improvement of literacy, especially for women
  • Improving the status of women

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