Mass lesion – Left lungs – X-ray

Mass lesion – left lung
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  • X-ray chest posteroanterior view showing homogenous haziness in left lung – upper and mid zones
  • Elevation of left dome of diaphragm – due to volume loss secondary to bronchus obstruction / diaphragmatic palsy secondary to phrenic nerve involvement
  • Mediastinal shift to left side
  • Hyperinflated right lung

Impression – Bronchogenic carcinoma

Factors in favour of diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma

  • Homogenous haziness (Tuberculosis can cause haziness of upper zone – due to fibrosis, but the appearance is non homogenous)
  • Volume loss can occur due to compression of bronchus by the tumour
  • Mediastinal shift due to volume loss
  • Phrenic nerve infiltration can cause diaphragmatic palsy

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