Orthopedics MCQ – Treatment of clavicular fracture

Clavicular fracture is treated by?

A. Fixation with plate and screw

B. Open reduction and internal fixation

C. Skeletal traction

D. Figure of eight bandage


Correct answer : D. Figure of eight bandage

  • Clavicular fracture heals with good functional results even if there is moderate displacement of the fracture ends
  • Perfect reduction is not essential
  • Treatment consists of a ‘Figure of Eight’ bandage which is periodically tightened
  • A  sling can be used initially to support the upper limb
  • In case of elderly patients with risk of axillary neurovascular compression, only a sling is used instead of the ‘figure of eight’ bandage
  • Open reduction is done in case of non union, neurovascular damage, floating shoulder and wide separation of the fracture ends with interposition of soft tissue.

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