Blood for neonatal thyroid screening – Paediatrics – MCQ 70

Blood specimen for neonatal thyroid screening is obtained on:
A. Cord blood
B. 24 hours after birth
C. 48 hours after birth
D. 72 hours after birth

Correct answer : A. Cord blood D. 72 hours after birth

Update: The correct answer is 72 hours after birth. 

Guidelines for neonatal thyroid screening – American Academy of Pediatrics

When to screen:

  • Normal hospital delivery at term – Filter paper collection ideally at 2-4 days of age or at time of discharge
  • NICU / preterm home birth – Within 7 days of birth
  • Maternal history of thyroid medication / family history of congenital hypothyroidism – cord blood for screening

Cord blood is to be used only if there is family history of hypothyroidism. In normal delivery, blood is taken at 2-4 days of age.




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