Pathology – MCQ 88 – Prognosis in neuroblastoma

To which of the following events is ‘good’ outcome in neuroblastoma associated :
A. Diploidy
B. N—myc amplification
C. Chromosome / p depletion
D. Trk A expression

Correct answer : D. Trk A expression

Prognostic factors in neuroblastoma:

  • Age – Less than 1 year have good prognosis
  • Stage – I and II have good prognosis
  • Ploidy – Triploid and hyperploid tumours have good prognosis
  • Cytogenetics – Chromosome 1 / Chromosome 14 deletions have worse prognosis
  • n-myc oncogene amplification – associated with bad prognosis
  • Trk A expression – high levels are associated with favourable outcome
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