Population growth rates

  • Population growth rates refers to the rate at which the size of the population increases over time
  • Growth rates are subject to momentum – they start slow, and build up over time. Also it is difficult to decrease the growth rate rapidly.
    • This is because growth rate is influence by various factors such as age distribution, marriage rates, social and cultural factors
  • The population doubling rate is dependent on growth rate
    • when the growth rate is 0.5 %, population doubles in about 140 years
    • whereas with a growth rate of 3 %, population doubles in about 20-25 years
  • Developed countries have a much lesser growth rate compared to developing countries
  • About 95 % of the population growth presently occur in the developing countries
  • The UNFPA estimates the world population to reach 10 billion by the year 2050

Importance of growth rates:

  • A high growth rate implies a state of population explosion
  • Growth rates indicate the state of development of a  country

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