Risk approach in antenatal care

  • Risk approach in antenatal care aims at identifying the high risk antenatal cases so as to provide specialised care, and appropriate level of care for others
  • The high risk cases are:
    • elderly primi (more than 30 years of age)
    • short primi (less than 140 cm height)
    • antepartum haemorrhage
    • anemia
    • twin, hydramnios
    • preeclampsia, eclampsia
    • previous instrumental delivery, caesarean section
    • previous still birth, intrauterine death, manual removal of placenta
    • elderly grandmultipara
    • prolonged pregnancy (more than 2 weeks post date)
    • diseases complicating pregnancy – heart disease, renal disease, diabetes, liver disease, tuberculosis etc
  • The high risk cases should be identified as early as possible to prevent development of complications
  • Risk approach also involves utilisation of non conventional resources like – traditional birth attendants, woman’s groups, community health workers

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