Collection of Medicine MCQs (Cardiovascular system) for medical students. Concept based MCQs with detailed explanations which help students to gain valuable insights and gain an edge in competitive examinations. More than just answering MCQs, the explanations will improve the knowledge and understanding about the conditions discussed. Also useful for MD students who are preparing for Superspeciality entrance examinations. Medicine MCQs - Cardiovascular System Kindle Edition: Click Here for a Preview. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.
  • Swajaldhara is a community led participatory program with the aim of supplying safe drinking water to the rural areas
  • Full ownership is for the community
  • It also aims at increasing awareness about water conservation, sanitation and management of drinking water projects
  • There are 2 components of the program
    • Swajaldhara I – at gram panchayath level
    • Swajaldhara II – at district level
  • The district water and sanitation mission sanctions the project in the gram panchayaths
  • The panchayaths plan, implement, operate and maintain all water supply and sanitation schemes
  • Importance is given for water conservation by rain water harvesting and recharging of ground water systems for sustainable supply of safe drinking water
  • The government is responsible for planning, policy making, monitoring and evaluation of projects rather than direct service delivery
  • Completed projects are managed by gram panchayaths or village water and sanitation committee

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