Bhore committee, 1946

  • The Government of India in 1943 appointed the Health Survey and Development Committee under Sir Joseph Bhore to assess the health condition of India
  • The committee consisted of pioneers in the healthcare field who met frequently for 2 years and submitted their report in 1946
  • The report which is 4 volumes long laid out the proposal for a national program of health services in India
  • It also stressed the importance of preventive care in addition to curative treatment

The important recommendations of the Bhore committee are:

  • Integration of preventive and curative services in all levels of administration
  • It laid out a plan for strengthening primary healthcare
    • Short term program
      • Primary health center in rural areas catering to 40,000 population.
      • Staff pattern for the PHC was proposed as follows – 2 medical officers, 1 nurse, 4 public health nurse, 4 midwives, 4 trained dais, 2 sanitary inspectors, 2 health assistants, 1 pharmacist, 15 other class IV employees
    • Long term program (also called 3 million plan)
      • One 75 bedded PHC for catering to 10-20 thousand population
      • Secondary health center with 650 beds
      • District hospitals with 2500 beds
  • Major changes in medical education – introduction of 3 months of Social and Preventive Medicine into the medical curriculum

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