Prevention of low birth weight – Direct and Indirect Interventions

  • Low Birth Weight (LBW) is an important cause of neonatal mortality and morbidity
  • Experts suggest that the incidence of LBW can be decreased to no more than 10% all over the world by proper intervention

Direct interventions:

  • Direct interventions aim to address the immediate causes of low birth weight
    • Malnutrition – Food supplementation, food fortification, Iron and folic acid tablets
    • Infections – Early diagnosis and treatment
    • Heavy work load during pregnancy – Ensure adequate rest for pregnant women
    • Frequent pregnancies – Birth spacing

Indirect interventions:

  • Indirect interventions to decrease incidence of Low Birth Weight include:
    • Cessation of smoking and avoiding exposure to passive smoking
    • Improved sanitation
    • Improved health and nutrition of adolescent girls

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